Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Costs

  1. Full Body Dermoscopic Mole Check
  2. Standard Visit
  3. Full Excisional Biopsy

1. Full Body Dermoscopic Mole Check Cost

Adults 30min appointment; including Full Body Dermoscopic Mole Check and time for mapping of moles and skin treatments as required*: $230
Children younger than 13 years: $115

2. Standard Visit Cost

15 min appointment; includes Dermoscopic examination of up to 6 lesions suspicious of melanoma or skin cancer and consultation for skin problems: $115

3. Full Excisional Biopsy Cost

Appointment for full removal of suspicious lesions: Quoted prior to surgery

Our doctors have had extra training in surgical procedures. Dr Tam attends Advanced Surgery courses and performs facial flaps and skin grafts where necessary. This allows for reconstruction of areas such as the nose and ears.

* Additional options available during all consultations:
Total Body Photography $100
Digitial Dermoscopic Imaging from $20
Cryotherapy / Liquid Nitrogen from $20