Skinsite Moles - Melanoma Detection


New Zealand has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world - over 250 New Zealanders die from melanoma, and over 50,000 skin cancers are diagnosed - each year. The best protection is early detection, and for this reason, Skinsite provides an exceptional community service for melanoma detection and treatment.

Skin cancer often looks like a normal mole, but a mole is more likely to be cancerous if the mole changes shape/colour.

Unlike other services which only provide mole mapping by skin photographers, and where you are likely to have to wait for a report from a diagnosing doctor off site, at Skinsite a skin cancer specialist (always a doctor) will be performing your mole check, and will have at their disposal a full range of clinical practice tools. These include melanoma screening using polarised dermoscopic full body mole checks, total body photography, serial digital dermoscopic imaging, and mole removal, mole surveillance and individual recall programmes based on levels of risk. All this is achieved at our convenient locations which have surgical facilities onsite.

Accuracy of diagnosis depends on the individual experience of the doctors. We are one of the most established skin clinics in New Zealand, providing a dedicated dermoscopic mole check clinic to Aucklanders since 1995. All our doctors are highly skilled and have had training with Dr Tam, a recognised expert in early melanoma detection.