Vein Treatments - Sclerotherapy

Vein Treatments - Sclerotherapy

Skinsite offers the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins and spider veins using sclerotherapy.

Scelrotherapy is where the problem veins are injected with a solution which irritates the vein wall and forms scar tissue. Within time the scar tissue is absorbed by the body and the veins disappear.

There are many reasons why these veins function abnormally. With spider veins, often hormones, environmental damage and ageing are contributing factors. With varicose veins there is a problem with internal valves and hereditary factors often play a major role.

Sclelotherapy requires no surgery, no anaesthesia, no time off work and is cost effective. Medical grade compression stockings will need to be worn for up to two weeks post treatment. Followup appointments are usually required and it is important that post treatment instructions such as regular exercise and walking is adhered to.

At your initial vein consultation, your veins are assessed and you will be advised about the best treatment options.

Cost of Vein Removal using Sclerotherapy:

  • Initial consultation $95, includes an essential Doppler exam
  • Treatment starts from $350 per leg
  • Stockings start from $60 for microsclerotherapy